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Take Home Salary Calculator - Calculate Take Home Salary India

Please enter your complete CTC excluding Variable performance bonus/VPB

Component Yearly Monthly

Normally 4.81% of Basic salary

-19240 -1603
Employer PF

Normally 12% of Basic salary

-48000 -4000
CTC After Retirals 932760 77730
Basic Salary

Normally 40% of total CTC

+400000 +33333

Normally 40% of Basic for non-metro and 50% of Basic for metro

+160000 +13333
Food Coupons

26400 per year

-19200 -1600
Advance Bonus/Exgratia

26400 per year

+16800 +1400
Employee PF

Normally 12% of Basic salary

-48000 -4000
Professional Tax

2400 per year

-2400 -200
Personal Pay/FBP/Flexi

Normally left over amount after all components

+286360 +23863
Total Income

Total Income after excluding retirals and exemptions

Taxable Income

Taxable income after excluding HRA, food coupons and 80C(1,50,000)

Income Tax

Take Home Salary


Your approxmiate take home salary will be : 70282

  • CTC: this is the total cost to company includng retirals, FP, insurance etc
  • Emloyer NPS Deduction: this is the employer deduction towards NPS and it is tax free
  • Basic Salary: this is a component in total CTC, normally this is 40% in CTC, may vary from company to company
  • HRA (house rent allowance ): this is the allowance for employee expendature towars house rent
  • Food Coupons: this a tax free amount and provided in the form coupons ex: SODEXO
  • Medical Insurance Deduction: deduction towards medical insurance for employee/employee family
  • Employer PF: PF company contribution, it is 12% of basic
  • Employee PF: Employee contribution for PF, it is 12% of basic
  • Professional Tax: this is levied by state governaments and here we take average 200 per month
  • Personal Pay/FBP/Flexi pay: leftover amount after all deductions and after all salary components